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Unframe your world with the Infineo frameless aluminium sliding door.

Infineo has been designed for both new construction and renovation projects

Discover the Infineo sliding door

  • Minimalist design
  • Exceptional dimensions
  • Maximum brightness
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Customizable colors and finishes
  • High weather resistance
  • Optimal flexibility for tailor-made projects
  • Versatile applications for both residential and commercial use

Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary design with the sleek and modern Infineo sliding door.

Why will you prefer Infineo?

Maximum brightness

Air Tightness – Class 4 (600 Pa) – Thermal break

Water Tightness – Class 9A (600 Pa) – Thermal break

Wind load resistance – Class B5 (2000 Pa) – Thermal break

Minimalist design accessible to most people

Frameless aluminium windows and doors are no longer a niche product. The Infineo inline sliding door offers premium contemporary design with minimal sightlines, marking a super sleek upgrade on standard aluminium sliding doors. It also comes with an optional flush threshold, providing a truly seamless experience between indoors and outdoors. Available in both thermal and non-thermal break options.


The Infineo inline slider breaks away from conventional design constraints with its maximised glazing area because of the fully concealed outer frame, hidden sash and ultra-slim 21mm interlock along with a sleek handle, with only 35mm visible once the sash is closed. Natural light floods into living areas, creating a more spacious feel, and offering stunning panoramic landscapes – in tune with the growing trend for minimalist architectural style.

Optimal flexibility for custom projects

The Infineo inline slider surpasses the most rigorous building regulations for resistance to extreme weather conditions such as cold, heat, wind, and rain. Its high thermal efficiency not only helps to reduce energy bills but also creates a more comfortable living environment within the home.


The high-performance rollers have been rigorously tested for over 25,000 operating cycles, equivalent to more than 15 years of regular use. These rollers are capable of supporting glass panels weighing up to 450kg and offer the choice of fixed or adjustable options. Overall, the Infineo inline slider sets the standard for market-leading performance, providing superior protection against draughts, rain, and wind, which ensures that your home remains warm, dry, and comfortable throughout the year.

High performance and durability

Minimalist design without compromising on performance. The Infineo sliding window was designed to last, going beyond today’s construction standards and adapting to the most demanding projects.


Its excellent thermal insulation allows you to reduce your energy consumption. Its high weather resistance gives you maximum protection against air, water and wind for a healthier and more comfortable interior all year round. Finally, its reliable design has been successfully tested to 25,000 operating cycles ensuring durability, ease of use and effortless handling.

A detailed view of the Infineo sliding door

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